The Umoja Project

Follow Esther’s story to see how the Umoja Project supports young Kenyan students.

  • The Umoja Project addresses the obstacles that prevent orphaned and vulnerable children from attending school.
  • Congregations and schools in both central Indiana and western Kenya work together to address the needs of vulnerable children.
  • Adolescent girls enjoy time together at an event of the Girls Empowerment Team of the Umoja Project (GET UP), where students focus on health education, legal rights, and goal-setting.
  • The Umoja Project provides school uniforms, school supplies and other support for vulnerable young students.
  • Link teachers provide a vital connection to the orphaned and vulnerable children served by the Umoja Project.
  • The Umoja Project provides school lunch for more than 3,000 students in 18 primary schools.
  • The Umoja Project provides feminine hygiene products to girls so that they can attend school regularly.
  • Women from central Indiana and Chulaimbo, Kenya, work together to address the needs of adolescent girls.
  • Secondary school girls are encouraged to attend boarding schools, where they can focus on school, without concerns about personal safety and caring for family members.
  • Umoja staff and volunteers work together with visitors from Indiana to build a new home for a local family.
  • Joyous singing and dancing marked the completion of the house raising.
  • Umoja scholars are among the top performing students in their class and are leaders in their schools.
  • Florence was raised by her grandmother following the death of her parents. She has graduated from high school and is planning to begin college studies.
  • Renny lives with her siblings and grandparents. She is currently in high school.
  • Students in Indiana have a Skype conversation with Kenyan students.


Listening to one another
Learning from each other 
Working together

Extreme poverty and the AIDS pandemic ravaged rural western Kenya.  In many schools, 50% of the students have lost one or both parents to the disease. Surviving family members struggle to provide even basic necessities for the children.

The Global Interfaith Partnership’s Umoja Project brings together congregations, schools and families from both Indiana and Chulaimbo to respond to the needs of Chulaimbo’s vulnerable children.